Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Welcome Layla-Kay

Layla-Kay made her arrival 10/27/2013 and Tim and I could not be more ecstatic to finally met her. Today she is 3 days old and we are learning so much about ourselves and our daughter everyday. I would like to take some time and share her birth story but I am currently operating off of 8 hours sleep sporadically spread over the last 4 days. They should make a Walking Dead spin-off about parents with newborns. 

In the past 3 days my life has changed in many ways but there are 3 things that have stood out the most. 

1. Iv never been so happy to see pee. 
We have learned this week that a baby's diaper is an indicator of good health. Needless to say, when Layla goes to the bathroom Tim and I feel the need to talk about it like she got an A on her spelling test. 

2. Iv never been so hesitant to pee. Episiotomy... that is all there is to say about that (in Forest Gump Voice)

 There are no words to express how great Tim has been with Layla. He is so hands on and engaged in every aspect of her life. He has spent every night thus far rocking her to sleep for hours and most of all, missed Sunday football to spend time with her. I knew he would be a great dad but did not expect him to be this amazing.

That is all for now. Im going to 

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