Friday, November 1, 2013

Layla-Kay's Birth Story

Layla-Kay's birth story all begins Friday October 25th. I had gone to the Dr to get my membranes stripped in hopes to start dilating. Besides the uncomfortableness of the stripping, Friday I felt nothing but semi-stronger contractions. Saturday morning Tim and I woke up, still no baby, so we proceeded with our day. We ran errands; Tim cleaned the cars, I got my hair done, and although the contractions were getting a little stronger as the day went on, it was nothing to worry about. On a quick trip to the store, while chatting about the arrival of our baby girl Tim says "Alright Layla. I give you permission to come out now" (he has been telling her for weeks that she was not allowed to come out until he says so) Needless to say, his baby girl listened.
When we got home that evening, I was quite uncomfortable. Contractions were now strong enough to stop me in my tracks but still not close enough together to warrant a hospital trip. I got in my pajamas and figured I would sleep it off cuddled next to Tim on the sofa. As the night rolled on, contractions got worse. I would fall asleep then wake up suddenly with pain (the look on Tim's face every time I got up and moaned or cried out for a minute then fell back asleep was priceless). By 6 am I was doing more moaning than sleeping and although the contractions were sporadic, I woke Tim up and said "call the Dr".
If you haven't gathered this by now, I can be a sailor when I am not happy. By 6:10 the Doctor became the *&^# Doctor and I wanted to go to the #^%@$ hospital %#%$ now!! Contractions were off the charts, but still not regular. We got to the hospital by 7am and I practically begged the nurse "Please don't send me home. Please give me drugs!!!" She admitted us, in what felt like eternity at the time but was probably 10 minutes in reality, but I had graduated from just expletives to full blown hate mode. I hated the hospital, I hated the contractions, I hated Tim's face, I hated the color on the walls... WHERE IS MY EPIDURAL?!? Once I got the epidural, I was much more of a pleasure to be around. My family came, I was smiling, we were all joking around and laughing at the little earthquake tracker that measures your contractions."oh thats a big one... hahaha"
The Dr finally arrived around 1 and I was ready to go. 3 sets of pushes and a snip later, Layla-Kay had arrived.
7.1 pounds. 20 1/2 inches long. Looks exactly like her dad.

She is a really good baby. Very expressive and doesn't mind new people. 

I cant wait to dress her up

She is definitely going to be a daddy's girl. She loves to be in his arms. 

First Facts:
Born: 1:53pm
Identifying Marks: Small brown mark on stomach
Reaction to the world: She was very calm when she 1st came out. She begin to cry until the nurses started to clean her.
Hair color: long brown very straight hair (Tim calls her Chiney baby)
Eyes: Dark brown

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