Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday Favorites

Another crazy week has come and gone and its time for a little recap. Although my first instinct is to go on a b!tch fest about how sh!tty this week has been, I will do my best to contain myself and focus on the positives.
1. Owl Cuteness:
This week my job threw me a baby shower. The theme was "Guess Whooo's About to Pop". Because Tim and I went to FAU (mascot: the Owls) I do my best to rep Owl Pride when I can. I loved the all of the pink owl details.

2. Bones Season 8 on Netflix
Bones has become sort of my after school routine. I pretty much started watching it when I found out I was pregnant and would come home from work exhausted and needed something to plop down on the couch and watch. 9 months later I was done with seasons 1-7 (and Pretty Little Liars and Scandal... don't judge me) and was feeling lost "what do I do with my life now!!!!... you know you've felt that way. Anyways, Netflix added season 8 this week and now my life has meaning again.

3. Supportive Family
Maybe its because Im a newlywed, maybe its because Im pregnant and super emotional but people have been melting my heart recently. This week I spent about 24 hours because the Dr felt that Baby B's heart rate was a little slow and my family was by my side and being very supportive. Aunty Lee drove 30 minutes 2 days in a row to check on her niece, parents (who have yet to decide what they want Baby B to call them) waited with me for hours as they were running tests, and Tim actually put a Madden on hold (Football + video game... big stuff for him) to be at the hospital for his babies. 
This is 6'4 him sleeping on a not so large recliner.

4. Fall Nail Colors
Another week another 5 days of swollen hands and feet. My shoe options have dwindled significantly leaving me with about 3 pairs of loose fitting sandals.... sexy. On the flip side, since my little piggy toes are constantly exposed, they might as well be painted nicely. I usually do my own mani and pedi but because I cant reach my toes anymore, I will have to leave it to the professionals. Iv been noticing all the rich and dark colors that are coming back out for fall and am looking forward to trading in my summer peach and pink for autumn navy and purple. 

5. Chocolate
Enough said. 

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