Sunday, October 6, 2013

We've been abducted by aliens!!

JK. This week has been a bit crazy though which is why I have not had the chance to post.
Let us start with Sunday. Last Sunday started like any other until I noticed Layla was not moving around much. She is usually pretty active so it made us a bit nervous. After a pretty quiet night, Tim and I (doing our best not to panic) decided to call the Dr when they open at 8:30am. I went to work like normal but stopped for some Jamba Juice on the way because Layla usually responds to things cold and sweet. Sure enough, it worked and my baby girl was back to her usual dancing queen self. I decided to call the Dr anyway to ease any concern I still had which, naturally, only led to more panic. I was told to go to the emergency at the hospital I had chosen to deliver (reminder for those of you who have been following... is only an hour away from my job) ASAP.  After about 24 hours of holding it together, I called Tim and burst into tears. Anyway, we eventually made it to the emergency room and after about 2 hours of tests were told that the baby was fine and must have "gotten stuck in a position that made it difficult to move"

The next day at my weekly checkup the Dr noticed on the report from the hospital the baby is was 6.1 pounds at the beginning of 35 weeks. She seemed shocked by this information and recommended that rather than 1X week appointments, I come in 2x per week. Correlation between Weight and 2x per week Dr visits, Im not sure. She also mentioned that she thinks Layla will come early. 
Almost simultaneously, the third trimester "Im over this sh!t" feeling hit me and I have been a miserable mess ever since. Hopefully we will see this baby girl who has already changed our lives so much soon. (I have been talking to her everyday about the "outside", hoping maybe she will get curious and want to see it for herself.)

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