Sunday, April 28, 2013

Week 12

Onesie Cupcakes 
After running around to every cupcake shop and craft store in the area with no avail I had to abort my fondant onesie mission and come up with a plan B. I decided to hand make cupcakes toppers. 
I think they came out cute.

How far along? 12 Weeks

Total weight gain/loss: 6 pounds
Maternity clothes? None yet, but I’m loving elastic waist pants
Stretch marks? None
Best moment this week: 
Have you told family and friends: Yep, we sent out announcements and told family this week
Miss Anything? Caffeine
Movement: None
Food cravings: 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing really this week
Have you started to show yet: I’m not sure… the belly appears and disappears
Gender prediction: Tim and Mychelle think it’s a girl,
Labor Signs: No

Belly Button in or out? In
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy but very sleepy
Looking forward to: The ultrasound next week

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Day dates and updates

This has been a lovely busy week thus far and I expect the next few days will be just as exciting, so I figured I would post a little update about whats going on in the lives of Baby B's parents.

 On Saturday, some of my favorite people came to visit and it was so great to see them.  They stayed less than 24 hours but it filled my heart with joy to spend time with them and reminisce on the past and chat about the future together. 

Sunday, Tim and I, with the Sanchez family, headed out to the Fort Lauderdale Air show and had a lot of snacks and fun in the sun. Beach festivals and events are times I cherish with Tim. I look forward to going with him & literally mark them on my calendar months in advance... yes, I be like that sometimes :o).

On Tuesday I had my 12 week appointment and got to hear B's heart beat (I was looking forward to seeing an ultrasound but Iv got to wait until my integrated screening on Monday). We decided early on that after the 1st trimester all clear we would start telling our family's, so I got to work on our announcements right away.
And this is the postcard I made to attach to the back of the picture that we are going to send out. 

On another note: I felt it was worth posting how sweet yet sneaky Tim could be. Let me explain: for years now I have seen girls get pregnant and gain a lot of weight due to eating "whatever they want" "for two" then regret their choices after the baby is born. Trying to stay ahead, I told my sisters, closest friends and of course Tim that if I ever got pregnant to lock all of the junk food away and only feed me nutritious foods that wont make me look like im having triplets. Everyone agreed. Well what I didn't plan on was the food aversions and the fact that all milk products would make me sick.
So Tim in his sweet yet sneaky manner went out and bought me some products that might help me get some extra vitamins but hopefully not make me as sick.... in the form of 6 tubs of ice cream (we already had strawberry) and 2 boxes of fruit bars. Traitor!!!! The idea was sweet though so Im not mad, Iv just got to figure out how to hide them from myself now that the milk aversions are calming down. Help!!!

One last thing and then Im done! On Tuesday the Dr okay'd me to start exercising (you just read my ice cream story... so you understand my need to workout) I took my first walk tonight and it felt glorious.  

 12 weeks! Here we go!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Week 11

How far along? 11 Weeks

Total weight gain/loss: I did not weight this week but if I guessing based on how I feel, 15 pounds.
Maternity clothes? Nope still rocking the unbuttoned pants
Stretch marks? None
Best moment this week: Picking up a lime at the grocery store and tearing up (happy tears)
Have you told family and friends: 3 friends, still waiting 1 week to tell the family so they can see the 12 week ultrasound picture
Miss Anything? Caffeine
Movement: I kinda feel something but I’m not sure
Food cravings: 
Iced tea
Anything making you queasy or sick: Still milk… I forgot to mention dairy products and I have not been the best of friends
Have you started to show yet: I’m not sure. But I check every time I’m around a mirror… and alone of course, embarrassing
Gender prediction: Tim thinks it’s a girl,
Labor Signs: No

Belly Button in or out? In
Happy or Moody most of the time: I must admit, moody :o(
Looking forward to: The 12 week ultrasound

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Week 10

Our announcement!!!

Im very proud to announce that Tim and I have made our baby announcement. It was actually a great teamwork effort. We wanted something unisex because we don't know the gender of the baby and Tim found these cute red sneaker.  We both took turns taking pictures so Im not sure who took this one and I did the editing. Two more weeks...!!!

We tried to also take belly pics today, without the same success. Hopefully we will figure it out soon so we can start documenting.

How far along? 10 Weeks

Total weight gain/loss: 4 pounds
Maternity clothes? None but Iv started looking
Stretch marks? None
Best moment this week: Making it an entire week with no hospital, emergency doctor or specialists visits. Also, the baby is the size of a kumquat this week which is my bosses favorite kinda curse word. 
Have you told family and friends: No, 2 more weeks
Miss Anything? Being active. 
Movement: Not that I can feel
Food cravings: 
Italian food
Anything making you queasy or sick: FINALLY the queasiness is slowing down

Have you started to show yet: a tiny bit 
Gender prediction: Still not guessing
Labor Signs: No
Belly Button in or out? In

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy
Looking forward to: The reactions of friends and family

Monday, April 8, 2013

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

The end of the 1st trimester is coming to a close which means its almost time to share our big news with family and friends. Iv been thinking about how we should share our news. I want to do it in a way to represents who we are.
Some of the ideas I came with:

I love the idea of cupcakes. I love to bake and Tim loves to eat sweets. I also love the adorable blue and pink outfits on black and white cupcakes.

I also love the shoe pictures.

I don't know how Im going to combine both ideas but I love them both. In my vision they see both the card and the cupcakes at the same time (so one does not outshine the other) but Im not sure how exactly to do it.

Why I decided to wait till the second trimester?

People have kids everyday but this is my first and the 1st trimester is a scary time. My family is a big support to me and a part of me is disappointed to let them down if things don't work out as planned (not that any of this was planned). I want to give them the best news as possible and celebrate with them rather than worry with them. That may not be the best reason but its the truth and I hope it works out for the best (and that everyone understands).

Friday, April 5, 2013

Week 9

How far along? 9 Weeks

Total weight gain/loss: 4 pounds... and a bit of anxiety
Maternity clothes? Nope
 but the top button has come undone while sitting... classy :-)
Stretch marks? None
Best moment this week: Seeing the baby move around during the ultra sound
Have you told family and friends: No. Still hoping to wait until my 12 week Dr's appt.
Miss Anything? Being active. The Dr recommended sitting or laying down for most of the day. 

Movement: Not that I can feel
Food cravings: 
Tea... 4 times a day
Anything making you queasy or sick: EVERYTHING! But not as bad as weeks past so Im praying its completely gone soon
Have you started to show yet: a tiny bit but still mostly chub
Gender prediction: Not guessing.... as of yet

Labor Signs: No
Belly Button in or out? In

Happy or Moody most of the time: Moody but there was a lot going on this week
Looking forward to: The beginning of the fetal stage @ 10 weeks