Sunday, September 22, 2013

Holla Back

A lot of people have asked my why we chose to do a blog about Baby B. The truth is... partial laziness. When we first found out we were pregnant, I looked for a book or journal or something to track my pregnancy memories. Some of them were so cute but seemed too time consuming "write your feelings everyday" Wrong! "Take a weekly picture of yourself and paste here" We know how good I am at consistent photo taking plus the added fun of venturing out to print them out... Fun. They just didn't seem for me.
Then I found out that there is a way to turn a blog into a book and TDBabyB was born. I can add whatever I want from the comfort of wherever my computer is, in my pajamas and have the book printed and mailed to me for the baby to enjoy in years to come.

I also really like the idea of family and friends being a part of my pregnancy journal. So "Holla Back!" 
Feel free to comment on posts. Share your thoughts and memories with us and Baby B. 

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