Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Favorites... Home Edition

As I am packing away all of the the goodies from our baby shower, I realized I haven't done a post about all the changes that Tim and I have made to our place in preparation for Layla. We currently live in a mansion matchbox and it has been a challenge to fit the three of us comfortably here until we get a bigger place.

1. My # 1 favorite thing is Layla's crib. Its so adorable and fits perfectly into our small place.
I made the mistake of asking Tim to build the crib during a football game
2nd quarter....

4th quarter... lol
But after the game was over, the crib was built. Which leads us too...

2. The mobile. I loved this idea and with the help of Aunt Lee and Mych (helping me to "obtain" over 100 paint swatches) we were able to create it.
3. The closet. So hear is the back story on the closet: One of the biggest issues with living in a 1/1 with 2.5 people is the teeny tiny closet.  After weeks of having this conversation...
Me: "Tim can you fix the closet"
 Tim: "Yes, Ill do it later" 
I got bold and decided to do it myself. When Tim came home I greeted him at the door with "soooo dont be mad". He walked in the bedroom and found this hurricane.
 I was able to take everything out of the closet then Layla reminded me I was 7 months pregnant and the work pretty much stopped there.
 So after a long day at work, he fixed the closet... mumbling angrily at me the entire time.
 The closet is now 75% complete but a HUGE improvement to what it was

4. Our dresser. I am a space addict and Tim is a hoarder (we will probably need therapy for this one day). With our closet completely packed, we still needed somewhere to put Baby's things. I found this second hand dresser at a consignment shop for $70 SCORE!
My dad repurposed it and now we have a home for Layla's things. Picture below

5. Lastly our bedroom finally getting put together. Although it's small, I worked hard to find a home for everything (It is quite the process to get Tim to part with something. Like it said, hoarder... love you Boo)  Im proud of what we created.
Check out of Pinterest to see the how-to's. 

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