Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday Favorites

 This week has been cray cray busy week... which was good because my 35 week appointment is next Tuesday I CANT WAIT and the busyness helps the week to go by faster. These are a few of my favorite things (OMG what movie is that from???) from Week 34.

1. A Supportive (in his own special way) Husband:
As I expected Out of F'ing nowhere, my ankles and feet started to swell. I came home from work on Monday, took off my shoe and bam! "who's fatty foot is that????" Naturally, I take a picture and send it to Tim. Sexy huh?

2. Fall decor:
Although I love summer weather vacation, I do get excited for all the events that fall has to bring. September 22nd officially marked the first day of fall (in almost every other state except Florida. Fall doesn't start in S Fla till late October)  

There are already pumpkins around the house which smells deliciously like pumpkin cookies :o)

 3. Pumpkins:
Soooo... I dont think I will be carving a pumpkin solo this year (Pregnancy clumsiness is not a myth! Clumsiness + large knife does not sound like a great combo) but that hasn't stopped me from finding creative ways to decorate a pumpkin this year.
 I love this B pumpkin I found for the BERRIEUM's door step (I also love the fact that I felt the need to capitalize my entire new last name. If this story where told out loud I probably would have made a big hand gesture for extra emphasis).
I will pass the torch to Tim this year, who will be carving his first pumpkin ever (stay turned for pictures of that hilarity)

4. TV premiers
I know Im a week early but next week marks the season premiere of Scandal. Im on the edge of my seat waiting to find out what Olivia Pope and the Gladiators will get themselves into this season.

5. Salad night:
We are still working out the quirks but I do love salad night in our home. Neither Tim nor I grew up in households that ate salads as meals and as much as we love hearty dinners, it feels good to start healthy traditions for our new family. It is far from perfect. Tim came home on salad night this week, looked at his dinner and said "soooo what else are we eating"? He ate it (then later snuck out and ate a cheeseburger).

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