Monday, January 13, 2014

Operation Organization

If you are like me, you look forward to starting the new year with a brand new office supplies… ok, maybe thats just me.
When I was a kid, the month of August meant getting brand new agenda with nothing but free space to plan and organize… again, probably just me. No judgement.
As I got older, office supplies got fancier + I don't have to ask my mom to for $ to support my habit = winning. I am currently obsessed with this Kate Spade 2014 agenda
Target also has some super cute planners and cute office accessories in the $1 Spot aka that 3 foot center of gravity that somehow always convinces me "I absolutely need that ($1 piece of nonsense I'm way too excited about)

Photo by Katie @

This year, one of my New Years resolutions this year is to start a journal. Who can write in a journal that isn't personalized and adorably cute??? Not that I don't always unfailingly complete all of my New Years resolutions, but I wasn't exactly committed to spending a ton of money on a pretty new journal. While packing up some Christmas supplies, I came up with an idea that cost me $Free.99 That way I won't feel so bad incase my journal dreams don't work out as I planned.

Materials: Composition notebook, pretty wrapping paper, glue (either stick or Elmer's glue), scissors and a pencil.

Step 1: Trace one side of the composition book, leaving out the black tape edge, onto wrapping paper. You can leave the black tape exposed like I did or use wash tape to change the color to match your paper. 
Step 2: Cut out traced wrapping paper
Step 3: Carefully glue wrapping paper onto the front and back of composition book. Make sure you glue the edges or it will fray.
Step 4: Chose a design for the title of your book. Create it, cut it out and past it onto the front. I chose this print from For Chic Sake. They also have cute monograms and other printables that I love love loved.

With a little one, a full time job and a full time life, Im gonna need a little planning and stress releasing to keep sane. Ill keep you updated on how that goes and any ideas I have to keep it all together. 


  1. Thanks for sharing!!! Now I will have more cute blogs to read :)

  2. Cute! I bought a journal at HomeGoods that I write in for Lina. I don't do it daily or anything like that, but monthly I try to write a letter to her telling her the milestones she's hit and what's going on :) I use to journal for myself, now I journal for her.