Saturday, January 25, 2014

Friday Favorites

I feel like I spend a lot of time conversing in baby talk recently. I'm seriously concerned that Im accidentally going to answer the phone or respond to an adult with "Hello my cutie booty" or some other overly high pitched rhyming nonsense that makes my daughter smile. My reading since Layla was born has become "Are you My Mother" or "Is your baby developmentally on target". Page turners, I know.
I was looking for something to read that did not require much commitment on my part but also used words with larger than 2 syllables when I ran across a few Kate Spade books at the library. Kate's writing is witty and enlightening and best of all, brief. I finished each book in two or three days during post feeding cat naps or just before I pass out night. For you baby free people, one rainy afternoon is sufficient.

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There are 3 books in the series; Manners, Style and Occasions  My favorite was manners. Being in the world of education and living in South Florida, I feel like manners is a dying art that needs some reviving. Kate covers topics such as "How to each an orange with seeds in public" "The Etiquette of writing and receiving letters" or "Appropriate conversation at a social gathering". Some of the topics are kind of outdated, for example her tip about not sitting in front of short people at the movie theater while wearing your largest hat, but still made me laugh. Each book is very short, only about 100 pages long with pictures and many little captions.

Hopefully Ill have the time to actually read a novel in the near future (Hopefully before Layla starts to watch Nick Jr. I have previewed some of those shows and between the high pitch voices and repetition, Im going to need something to keep my brain cells alive.)
Until next time.

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