Tuesday, January 21, 2014

DIY Valentine's Day Headband

My recent obsession is baby accessories. Sun glasses, leg warmers, shoes… I'm all about it. With a little girl there, are a limitless amount of accessories to play with which can lead to spending a little mulla on unnecessary less than absolutely essential items.
Iv been searching on Pinterest for some cute diy baby accessories and got inspired to create some headbands. There are a ton of tutorials om the web about how to make headbands. I mixed and matched tutorials and played around with materials until I found a method that worked for me… and my wallet.
First, I browsed my local craft store for ribbon that I thought would make a cute headband. (Being that it was my first time making headbands I didn't realize that you could buy elastic ribbons specifically for headbands. But even after I discovered them I still decided to chose some non-elastics that I thought would be adorable and also worked out a little cheaper)

Your going to need:
1. Scizzors 2. Ribbon of your choice. I chose hearts for Valentine's day that I found at the craft store for $.99 3. Tape measure 4. Elastic ribbon (I got the 1/8 inch which was $1.50 compared to the 1/2 inch headband elastic ribbon which was $5.99 for the same length) 5. Glue gun

Step 1. Measure your baby's head (or the head of whoever the headband is for)

Step 2. Here's where you wish you paid attention in 3rd grad math. Take the head size and subtract 2 inches. That is the number of inches to cut your ribbon

Step 3. Cut 2 additional 1/2 inch pieces of ribbon (from spool not previously cut piece).

Step 4. Cut 3 inches of elastic

Step 5. Glue 1/2 inch (you can eyeball it) of your elastic to one edge of your ribbon. Repeat on the other side. 


Step 5. Glue 1/2 inch ribbon pieces over the elastic/ribbon bond made in step 4. This way you won't have the unsightly glue showing.

Step 6: Try on your super cute headband!

 Inside of headband. 

 Completed headband.

Adorable baby with completed headband.

I got a little headband crazy while making this one for Valentine's day, so I will post some more tutorials on how to make other types of headbands soon.

Happy Early Valentine's Day…. Love is in the air XOXO

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