Thursday, January 16, 2014

Friday Favorites

Becoming a mom has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life. It has made me understand and feel more connected to my parents as well as family and friends who have kids in ways I never expected. Throughout my pregnancy and now that Layla has arrived I discovered a few mom blogs that Iv grown to love. These mamas share their lives with the world and help inspire, connect or just plain make other moms feel less crazy.

Here are some of my favorite mommy blogs 

I discovered this blog through Pinterest before I got pregnant. Jessica is super funny and crafty. Her chalkboards are so perfect and creative they inspired me to create my own… in which I failed miserable... but hers are still adorable just the same. She makes you feel like a part of her family, celebrating holidays, dropping the occasional F bomb (the story about Harpers tummy ache made me laugh out loud) and watching Harper grow up.

Andee is definitely a hot mom. Her style and post baby body pictures are completely angering (who looks that good right after having a baby???) inspiring. I first came across her sight when I was pregnant and looking for cute attire. She's a definitely a stylesperation… not a word but just go with it. I also love her healthy meal ideas for parents and baby.

I can't remember how I discovered Leslie from BlondeAmbitionBlog but it peeked my interest because we were around the same amount of weeks pregnant. Like me, she didn't seem like the type of pregger that used the growing bump as an excuse to be a frump. She seemed down to earth with some flare. Our baby girls were born only a few days apart and I love to peek into her sight to see how their new family is doing and of course, what momma and baby girl are wearing. 

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