Saturday, February 22, 2014

We've Missed You

It's been a few weeks since Iv been able to post. These days have been flying by. So I figured I would share our what has been going on in the Berrieum household in the past few weeks iv been Blogspot.MIA. WARNING: most of the following pictures contain heartwarming cuddles. If you are not interested in heartwarming, wonderful, fantastic, cute, loving baby cuddles then you may way to seek professional assistance... And do not read any further. 
Mommy and Layla time

Daddy and Layla time. 
Big girl trying to hold her bottle all by herself

First time tasting sweet potatoes. 
"Nasty mommy"
"May I please have more?" 

Baby Too Cool. 

Scratching herself in the face (mommy cried more than she did)

Snap chatting lol

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