Tuesday, February 4, 2014

3 month update & Happy 100th Day Birthday

Tim vetoed the half naked baby pics of his little princess so I figured, if we must wear cloths... Accessorize. 

Weight: 12 pounds
Likes: Bath time. Kicking her play gym, her changing station, her parents... pretty much anything within leg reach. Watching TV (as much as we try to keep her away). Her nuk pacifier (oh yea, she's brand bougie) 

Dislikes: Tummy time on anything but mommys tummy

Accomplishments: Starting to form teeth! Tasted prunes, grapes, watermelon, carrots and sweet potato. Can sit up straight for several minutes (still need some pillow support). Started laughing out loud. Started pronouncing "g" sound and beginning to attempt "ow" sounds. Slept through the night 8:00pm-8:00am. 
*Layla talks and moves in her sleep. You put her down facing one direction and she turns around, hangs her feet out of the crib, and usually we find her on the complete opposite side facing the opposite direction. 

* My baby thumb sucker. This month Layla learned to suck her thumb. It was a long and frustrating process for her (as well as Tim and I as we are endlessly trying to keep her hands out of her face). She wanted to suck her thumb so badly she would spit the pacifier out and literally hit herself in the face trying to get her finger in her mouth. "That freaking hand won't stay still!!!" 
One day, she's laying on her play gym while I'm doing a quick chore around the house and I notices it gets really suspiciously quiet. I look at her just in time to catch her thumb find its way into her mouth.... Hallelujah! She was so received (until I pulled the thumb out and threatend to find the mittens) 
Let the battle begin. 

I can't believe my tiny baby is 100 days old. As much as I can't want to see her reach her milestones, I wish I could freeze time and have her stay this little forever. Happy 100th Day Birthday Layla-Kay

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  1. Omg. This is too precious. I want to squish her.