Sunday, July 21, 2013

Baby Must Haves

Like most things baby at this point, I realize that things are not as simple as I imagined. The registry was definitely one of those things. It has taken me at least 12 hours to put the baby registry together and "tweak the registry" is still on my to-do list almost everyday. 
I started the process on my own thinking "this is going to be fun". After about an hour of staring at all the options my thought process shifted to "I need help". Almost everyday Iv learned something new that opens my eyes to a new product or makes me think differently about a product Iv chosen. Reguardless, here are some of the products that have remained consistent on my list. 
1. Baby Bullet, 2. Chico Cortina Travel System, 3. Fisher Price Rock'N Play 4. Avent Glass Bottle

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