Monday, April 8, 2013

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

The end of the 1st trimester is coming to a close which means its almost time to share our big news with family and friends. Iv been thinking about how we should share our news. I want to do it in a way to represents who we are.
Some of the ideas I came with:

I love the idea of cupcakes. I love to bake and Tim loves to eat sweets. I also love the adorable blue and pink outfits on black and white cupcakes.

I also love the shoe pictures.

I don't know how Im going to combine both ideas but I love them both. In my vision they see both the card and the cupcakes at the same time (so one does not outshine the other) but Im not sure how exactly to do it.

Why I decided to wait till the second trimester?

People have kids everyday but this is my first and the 1st trimester is a scary time. My family is a big support to me and a part of me is disappointed to let them down if things don't work out as planned (not that any of this was planned). I want to give them the best news as possible and celebrate with them rather than worry with them. That may not be the best reason but its the truth and I hope it works out for the best (and that everyone understands).

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