Sunday, May 4, 2014

We're Still Here

My posts the past few months have been spotty… at best. What can I say, Iv been a little busy. I would love to get on my soap box about being able to be home more but this is a blog and not a novella so I will move on.
So where do I start???? Since my last post, the lenten season began. I gave up Pinterest… this was not an east task. I pretty much avoided the computer at all costs (hence the lack of posts). Also,

Layla began swimming class, which she absolutely loves!

We prepared for Easter. 
Layla inspected all the Easter eggs.

 She went for her first ride on the swings….

...wore her first pigtails...

 ...learned how to give kisses (they are like slobbery cheek french kisses but Ill take it)... 

...turned 5 months...

…learned to slick her tung out (which she is totally proud of)...

 ...began sitting up on her own…

...and turned 6 months!!!

I have some more updates planned in the next few days but for now… back to work.

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