Thursday, June 25, 2015

Our Summer Bucket List

So I'm just going to go ahead and start talking as if Iv bee updating my blog regularly for the past year (insert awkwardly guilty face here) because I wanted to share something I am really excited about… Our Family Summer Bucket List.
Seriously, I do plan on writing a post all about whats been happening in the past year Iv been M.I.A. but Im excited to share about our bucket list today because it is what inspired me to get back to writing.
I am really into celebrating holidays, like Taco Tuesday or New Years (those are equally exciting- are they not?). Making small things special gives us all something to look forward too. And by us all I mean me, because Im pretty sure Tim just plays along
I found this bucket list printable on Pinterest from Yellow Bliss Road that I absolutely love
and made a summer list for my family which includes adventuring outdoors, eating ice cream and giving some attention to a blog that I may or may not have let gather dust for a little while.

Im excited to be able to document and share some of our family's summer fun and I hope to be back soon for a "where have they been?" update.

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