Monday, March 3, 2014

4 month update

This month can be summed up in one word… SUCK. 
Ok, I'm just kidding but somewhere in the last 4 weeks Layla has decided that absolutely everything belongs in her mouth. Her cloths, her toys, her car seat, her mommy's cloths when we are out in public so I always have a big beautiful drool mark. I know its completely normal and I heard my girlfriends share similar stories when their kids were little but I never really realized the magnitude of the word… EVERYTHING. 
In all seriousness though, I can't believe my little baby is 4 months old. I tell her to stop growing and stay exactly as she is almost everyday. Layla has the best temperament. She is always smiling and laughing. She is comfortable with most new people. Tim and I love to see other peoples reaction when she smiles and talks to them, like she makes them feel so special.
Weight: 13.4 lbs
Height: 25.5 inches
Likes: Swimming in the bathtub, talking, putting absolutely everything in her mouth, Television (as much as we try to keep her away, she practically breaks her neck to catch a peek any time she has the chance. Dislikes: Being startled. So let me explain this one, Tim and I are not running around the house trying to secretly frighten our baby!!! Sometimes she gets startled with random noises like clearing your throughout or sometimes when you speak to loud. Accomplishments: Started eating table food. Her 1st vegetable was sweet potato which she liked… spiting out several times. 

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