Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Princess Popcorn

So my kid has a thing with sprinkles. It has pretty much become a food group. I wish that I had some clever advice about adding sprinkles to broccoli and the child will miraculously eat it but… no. She has figured out how to pick the sprinkles out of undesired food. Nice try mommy. Fail.
So while the sprinkle trend obsession lasts I try to take advantage and include sprinkles in our arts & crafts and cooking projects. While we work we talk about things like counting sprinkles, or concepts such as big and small/ a lot or a little. We spend time together, learn something new, make daddy and family some yummy treats and eat as many sprinkles as we can before mommy puts them away.

Princess Popcorn
What you will need:
Popcorn (we used Skinny Pop because that is what we had on hand)
Candy Melts - these can be found at Michael's or most craft stores

We called this batch Princess Popcorn because the sprinkles are pink and purple like Sophia the First. The day we made it, it was forecasted to rain in the afternoon so we made a midday trip to the park to run the energy out then the craft store find fun things to do at our Princess Party that evening (which turned into watching Sophia the First will wearing tiaras, dancing to disney radio and eating princess popcorn) 

1. Pour popcorn in bowl
2. Melt candy melts according to directions on package.
3. Pour candy over popcorn stopping frequently to stir.
4. When popcorn is coated to your liking, pour sprinkles stopping frequently to stir.
5. Let popcorn cool and harden

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