Thursday, May 16, 2013

Our Week... So far.

This week began with Mother's Day, and tears. I was heading out the door for a morning walk when I saw a gift bag hanging on my door knob. I opened the bag to find a gift from my sister Katherine (Aunty Kat). As I read the card and opened the gift, I burst into tears. Katherine is not the most fetal friendly person and it touched my heart for her go out of her way to get me something on Mother's Day. 

Later that morning Tim bought me an orchid
Excuse my hair... and the silly expression Tim is making.

 The rest of the week continued as normal; work, errands, home, until Wed when my appetite kicked into overdrive causing this humorous text exchange to occur. 

Thanks Tim, that locking the cabinet thing is really working out for us. :o)

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